Half of the world’s sandy beaches could disappear by 2100

We have a solution to fight beach erosion
and restore shorelines

ReShore’s Derosion Lattice can capture and deposit sand on an eroding beach,
while reducing the wave energy by 30-50% to prevent further damage

How does it work?

ReShore Technologies has completed two successful demonstration projects,
significantly increasing sand depth on the beach, and pushing out the shoreline towards the sea.

See the results here

Major Benefits

Achieve sustainable sand deposit

Sediment accumulates gradually with each wave that washes over the lattice. Approximate Depth of sand would increase by 6 inches in 6 months.

Decrease wave energy by 30-50%

To prevent storms from further eroding the shoreline. Calmer shallow waters also creates a more desirable habitat for marine life.

Removable & cost-effective

The lattice is a non-permanent structure, meant to be removed once sand restoration is complete. Both installation and takedown are quick and non-labor intensive, therefore it is only a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.