Our technology effectively fights beach erosion by reducing wave energy, while capturing sand that is suspended in the nearshore waters. Made with eco-friendly and highly durable material, both the Derosion Lattice and Derosion Boat are designed to be submerged in shallow sea water.

Unlike sand nourishment, our method does not need to be repeated every couple of years; the sand accumulated does not get eroded away again, and will not bury creatures/reefs alive.

Our method reduces wave energy through friction and vibration, enabling sediments to evenly and steadily accreed on the beach. Unlike breakwaters which change the direction of the waves, our method will NOT create a groyne effect and cause erosion further down the coastline.

Derosion Lattice
Derosion Boat

Derosion Boat

The Derosion Boat is anchored by 5 weights on the ocean floor, and is designed to be submerged in shallow waters with only the top layer showing. It will capture sand and dissipate energy as it moves freely to accommodate different directions of the waves crashing in. Over time, sand depth will increase both in front and behind the Derosion Boat, reducing the steepness in slope and pushing out the shoreline towards the sea.

Schematic Design

  • First layer – energy reduction net
  • Second layer – energy reduction net
  • Third layer – energy reduction lattice
  • Anchoring
  • The support includes front pole, rear pole, and slanted pipe to reduce the seawater energy
  • Floater Board

Dimensions: L 11m x W 10m x H 1.6m