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2023 – Singhanakhon @ Thailand


With Thai Wiring Systems, our partner in Thailand, we completed a second project to combat the “end effect” problem caused by rock revetments. As shown in the picture below, erosion was so severe in this section of the beach, that the crashing waves had even damaged the road along the coastline, endangering the infrastructure of this town.

(Photos taken before Derosion Lattice installation, in fall 2022)

Before & After Installation


At 2:30AM on March 21, 2023, our team began installation of the Derosion Lattice – this was the only date and time that month with low tide. The construction started with inserting 5 sets of our long anchor posts into the ocean floor:

Then the Derosion Lattice is assembled and secured to the anchored framework. This video shows the night time installation process using an excavator:

The team finished installation at sunrise, in just a few hours.


It is expected that the Derosion Lattice will accumulate enough sand to be mostly buried by sand in one year, resulting in a 200m x 32m beach, protecting the road and facilitating the entry and exit of fishing boats in this area.