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2021 – Songkhla Beach @ Thailand

Working together with Thai Wiring Systems, our partner in Thailand, we completed a demonstration project for Derosion Lattice in September 2021. The Marine Department of Thailand oversaw the project, with the intent to fix the “end effect” (or “terminal scour”) problem that occurs at the end of a rock revetment or seawall. Many coastlines in Thailand face severe erosion due to strong monsoon waves, and the end effect issue is present in different areas. In the next few months, precise measurements will be made to monitor the progress of sand accumulation after the installation of Derosion Lattice.

ReShore Technologies was happy to collaborate with Thai Wiring Systems, the Aquatic Resources Research Institute of Chulalongkorn University, and the College of Advanced Manufacturing Innovation of  King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang on this project. More data and pictures of the results achieved will be updated on our website throughout the next year.

Our project site in Songkhla, Thailand – the area indicated in yellow indicates severe “end effect” at the end of the rock revetment. The beach eroded so far that trees were being washed into the sea.

We began with clearing away the trees and debris in the installation area.

Placement of the assembled Derosion Lattice panel.

Working together as a team to secure the first panel.

Aerial view of the completed installation.

Rear view of the completed installation.

Measured Results

Results after 3 Months

(Aug 2021 – November 2021)

  • Total deposition volume : 6498 m³
  • Total deposition area : 15,096 m²
  • Max deposition height : 2.1 m
  • Average deposition height : 43 cm
  • The shoreline increased in width by : 10.5 m
  • Total deposition volume : 8500 yd³
  • Total deposition area : 18,055 ft²
  • Max deposition height : 6.9 ft
  • Average deposition height : 16.9 in
  • The shoreline increased in width by : 34.4 ft

Contour map comparison of local beach area before installation (Aug 2021), and 3 months after installation (Nov 2021). The shoreline clearly has been smoothed out into a straight line, and the slope is now gentle along the coast.

Local contour map Aug 2021
Local contour map Nov 2021

In the graph below, the blue line indicates the initial shoreline measured on August 11, 2021. The red line indicates the shoreline measured on November 20, 2021. The beach widened by an average of 10.46m in the 3-month period.

Below are survey results of the surrounding beach area, in the range of 300m x 50m next to the Derosion Lattice installation.

In the total area of 15,096 m², the total volume of sand accumulated is 6498 m³, and the average height increase is 43cm.

First survey August 11, 2021

Second survey November 20, 2020

Difference between 1st and 2nd survey