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2009 – Shungchun Beach @ Tainan City, Taiwan

Results after 4 years & 4 months

  • Total deposition volume:67,463 m³
  • Total deposition area:63,578 m²
  • Max deposition height:152 cm
  • Avg deposition height: 106 cm
  • Shoreline width increased by:18 m
  • Total deposition volume:87,702 yd³
  • Total deposition area:684,348 ft²
  • Max deposition height:5 ft
  • Avg deposition height: 3.5 ft
  • Shoreline width increased by:59 ft

Project Details

Shuang Chun Beach is on the west coast of southern Taiwan, in between two rivers. Previous coastal management methods used such as tetrapods and bamboo barriers were ineffective against further erosion.

The survey area for this project is 383m long and 166m wide. Surface elevation data was continuously collected to measure changes in the depth and width of sand within this area.

Aerial photo on the left was taken on 2008/09/24 before installation. Aerial photo on the right was taken recently on 2023/11/30, with the red circles indicating the three units of Derosion Lattice that have been buried by accumulated sand.

Also indicated in the aerial photo is the Planting Area for the tree planting program sponsored by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Taiwan’s Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency, Ministry of Agriculture (FANCA).

The accumulated sand behind the three sets of the Derosion Lattice formed a firm foundation no longer threatened by erosion, suitable for tree planting. In 2021, TSMC began the urban greenery project, which in total provided around 45,000 tree saplings in four different counties in Taiwan. Each of the four county governments decided on the suitable land for undertaking the project, and Shuang Chun Beach was selected as one of the sites in Tainan. Photos taken on October 25, 2023 of the current sapling growth are shown below:

More about TSMC Tree Planting Program


First Set

Elevation increase: 2.3 meters

-0.7m to -0.82m

+1.5m to +1.6m

Second Set

Elevation increase: 2.3 meters

-0.65m to -0.75m

+1.52m to +1.61m

Third Set

Elevation increase: 2.4 meters

-0.85m to -1.1m

+1.43m to +1.52m

360° Aerial View of Restored Beach – 2023.12

Elevation Comparison

Results after 4 years & 4 months